Panorama Indoor Pool

An experience made of water and an incredible view

 Look around, ...

Water, wood, sunlight, and the sheer expanse of the room – all those elements in combination with the fabulous panoramic view of Lake Walchsee and its mountainous backdrop ... It's a marvellous feeling to take a swim in the pool and then make yourself comfortable on one of the the cosy loungers in the relaxation room!

... breathe freely, ...

On the sun terrace you feel the soft caress of a gentle breeze from the lake, so you won't get too hot, even in summer. Take a deep breath of the clean Tyrolean mountain air and feel calmness come over you.

... daydream, ...

Looking out on the Lake's waves and the surrounding woods and mountain peaks will very probably make you daydream. Perhaps you'll even forget the world around you for a minute or two.

... and enjoy

Feel the revitalising power of water provide you with new energy. All by itself your mind will focus and grow calm and serene, as you let the panoramic SkySpa experience made of water and sunlight capture you.

Opening hours: 7am - 8pm

Pool Pool Relaxing area pool Relaxing area pool
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