Massages at the 4-star hotel Brunner

Indulge in a massage that relaxes body & mind ...

Classical massages

Immerse yourself in a sensual world and let our physiotherapists pamper you with an invigorating massage!

€ 52,00 Full body massage (50 min.)

The classic massage releases tension in the muscles, enhances muscle regeneration, activates blood circulation and has a detoxifying effect allowing you to reach a deep state of relaxation.

€ 56,00 Anti-stress scented oil massage (50 min.)

Slow rhythmic strokes and valuable scented oils make this massage a deeply relaxing treat for your nervous system, decreasing stress impact, and putting the body into a wonderful state of calmness and peace.

€ 30,00 Partial massage (25 min.)

You tell us which part of your body you’d like massaged. Your back or legs will be comfortably massaged and you will feel fit and energetic in no time.

€ 48,00 Partial massage with bath (50 Min.)

You tell us which part of your body you’d like massaged. Your back or legs will be comfortably massaged and you will feel fit and energetic in no time.  

€ 30,00 Happy Feet - reflexology massage (25 min.)

The nerves end at a certain point on the sole of the feet. By massaging the relevant point an impulse is given to make the body relax and be revived from within. This reflexology massage also helps even when you feel stressed. It has an invigorating effect and helps you to enter into a relaxed state of being.

€ 29,00 Ear candles (20 min.)

The ear candle therapy consists of a very gentle massage of the tympana. The heat enhances the blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic flow. This treatment is best to reduce stress, is useful for sleep disturbances and may help to improve tinnitus.

€ 30,00 Head and neck massage (25 min.)

This treatment dissipates tension of the head. Ideal for headaches caused by excessive tension, migraines, and further tension around the head.

€ 29,00 Massage for Princesses & Princes (25 Min.)

This wonderful massage is especially suited to our youngest guests. It helps children with stress, concentration difficulties, and sleep problems

Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda is the term used for traditional medicine from India. Ayurveda literally means wisdom of life or science of life.

€ 75,00 Abhyanga - the classic full-body massage (70 min.)

Literally translated, the word Abhyanga means "anointing". The body, head and face are massaged with warm sesame oil. Abhyanga heats the body from the inside, detoxifies and revitalises. Abhyanga has an invigorating effect on the skin and the circulatory system, strengthens muscles and harmonises the nervous system.

€ 75,00 Mukabhyanga – head, face and throat massage (25 min.)

A treatment used for skin care and hair care that calms and alleviates all types of worries and anxieties. The face, head, neck and throat area are gently massaged with a unique massage technique that uses high-quality sesame oil. Experience a unique kind of deep relaxation.

€ 35,00 Padabhyanga – foot massage (25 min.)

A very pleasant massage that treats the reflexology points from the feet up to the knees with warm oil. This technique has a strong effect on the entire body. Remember that your feet have to carry you all your life!

Exotic Massages

Our exotic massages combine the traditional knowledge of Far Eastern medicine and massage techniques from the world's most remote regions. Enjoy yourself and let our massage therapists pamper you.

€ 30,00 SkySpa Honey Massage (25 min.)

The healing and detoxifying effects of honey have been used in Asian medicine for centuries. In addition to the pleasant exfoliating effect, this treatment is very relaxing and stress relieving.

€ 75,00 Sassi di Vulcano - Hot Stone Therapy (70 min.)

Deep relaxation and well-being thanks to the power of stones. During this holistic healing massage of Arizona’s native Americans, the entire body is first rubbed with essential oils and then hot lava stones are applied along chakras (energy centres). The warmth of the stones spreads through the entire body and results in deep relaxation of the muscles.

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All our massages are carried out by our professional massage therapists and require prior reservation (at the reception desk).

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