Our Philosophy

Outside, the magic of the lake. - Inside, a welcoming atmosphere.
This is the very core of our philosophy. We hope this is also the way you will remember your holiday with us.

A very special place

The place we live in is constantly changing: with the shifting of the sunlight over the majestic mountains and the coming and going of the seasons. Along with our guests, we have been enjoying the fascination of Lake Walchsee for more than 40 years.

Therefore, we have tried over the past decades to adapt our wellness and spa hotel in Tyrol to its surroundings and to make Lake Walchsee a natural part of your holiday experience. Our latest, very real and tangible, addition to this dream is the new SkySpa . Situated somewhat 'in the middle' between the sky and the lake, it is architecture as well as metaphor for the ideal abode of a truly relaxed holidaymaker's soul.


Acting with foresight

The vastness of the lake opens up the landscape that acts as a fairy-tale backdrop for its waters.

This broad expanse of the scenery has not only been an inspiration for architectural changes, but it has also changed the way we act in our daily lives. It teaches us foresight which is vital in tending to our guests' wishes. Because, after all, it is your precious time at the lake that we strive to refine in order to make it a lasting memory.

Yours faithfully

 Anita and Norbert, with our sons
Markus, Anton and Josef Brunner

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